LlobregatĀ“s Delta

There is a place in the Prat del Llobregat, near the airport of Barcelona, which serves as a viewpoint, you can see the planes take off … if we move to 5 or 10 minutes walking there is the Delta del Llobregat, an area reserved for protected species .


The four columns symbolize the Catalan flag, the columns were demolished at the time of the dictatorship of Primo de Rivera. During this period all public symbols of Catalanism were systematically eliminated so that they did not have the echo that could be given by the 1929 International Exhibition that had to be held in Montjuic. The Parliament of Catalonia approved a proposal of law, with the support Of all political parties, to promote the restoration of this artistic heritage of Catalonia in homage to the Catalan patriots. This restoration took effect in 2010.