The houses of Cuba

If you want to travel to Cuba, one of the cheapest way to sleep is renting a room in the cubano´s house. Normally you can find big houses with big rooms and especially very important if they have air conditioning. In this case this house was in Pinar del Rio. They like to paint their houses in different colours, the furniture it is normally old, because of their political conditions they cannot get better facilities.

From Viñales to Pinar del Rio

In Cuba from Viñales to Pinar del Río, cannot be in another way the day was very hot.. the landscape very beautiful. When we arrived to Pinar del Rio was getting dark and in Cuba the roads are very dangerous due to the roads condition and there is no lighting. So next day we decided to visit the town..most of the shops we found were from artisans, they work everything manually  like if you were back in time 50 years…very surprising.