Las Vegas during the day

When I told to my friends I was going to Las Vegas, I got two different opinions, some of them loved it and the others were completely the opposite, they hated it. So I decided to take my own conclusions.
I knew would be hot, with many casinos and probably crowded. So I have to say I wasn´t expecting a lot. I wasn’t very optimistic.
It is true that after spending a few days in California, Arizona I was getting used to the hot  weather, and what to say normally I stand it very well.
Despite my low expectations, I was gratefully surprise when I found out the city was amazing. When I made the booking of the hotel, I decided to stay in Bellagio Hotel because of the location and for the water fountains show. There was entertainment everywhere. Even it was hot out in the street you could be walking by the corridors inside the buildings with the air conditioning. So you could find a lot of shows and the incredible decoration inside the hotels. I really enjoy my stay in Las Vegas. I loved it, I loved it all.

4 thoughts on “Las Vegas during the day

  1. We have all of those resorts and big names in Macau and more bigger and more amazing structures with huge casinos. Venitian is a super hit also Parisian MGM and so on and on.
    Gambling unlimited and 99.9 percent are losers daily and very rarely people win big cash it’s other side of the coin of casinos that every one aware. It’s very nice pics and a warm experience to walk around there in Vegas….. Cheers 🌸

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  2. Your photos of Vegas are beautiful! The Bellagio is my favourite, perfect choice. People have the wrong idea of Vegas, it’s not full of drunks and bad people on the Strip. It’s a nice place to live too. My home is many miles from the Strip but it’s easy to see.


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