Sequoia National Park-California-Usa

After 3 days in San Francisco I took the road direction to Sequoia Park,  I was very interested in these big trees,  even that my first intention was to go from San Francisco to Los Angeles I decided to change my destination and spend a night in Visalia, in fact I spend less time than I expected in the road, so instead of visiting the park in the morning I decided to do it the same afternoon coming from San Francisco, one hour after leaving San Francisco the temperature start to increase, and when I arrived to the park was very hot. When I was reaching the entrance, I start to see the huge trees, I want to take a picture of all of them…the place is perfect and I was so surprise because I just loved it, they were trees everywhere. I went to visit the General Sherman which is 83.8 m tall, the place was crowded so I couldn´t take a proper picture.

About Ester

I like to travel and I enjoy with the Photography🙂

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      1. I wonder if there are cabins to rent in the Park? Many (most?) American National parks have cabins you can rent. And hike around. Did that once in the South. Gorgeous. 🙂


  1. Love the sequoias! Need to visit the next time I’m in SF, which I plan on being soon. When I lived in Orange, my stepdad at the time drove my mother and I up the Pacific Coast Highway to SF. Drove across the Golden Gate Bridge and brought us to a section of Yosemite. Very fond memories!


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