Sansoucci Schloss-Postdam-Germany

Today I show you  the photos of Sansoucci Schloss, when I went to Germany a couple of years ago I decided to spend a day in Postdam that is near to Berlin about 35 kms, I took a train to make it easier, I spent a perfect day, was quite warm and I loved it, beatiful gardens and the Schloss was simply beatiful 

37 thoughts on “Sansoucci Schloss-Postdam-Germany

  1. I did wonder where Potsdam is Ester. I found a strange aluminium ball about the size of a football connected to a small cork float washed up on the beach here on the western Isles off Scotland.. It looks quite old and has a message from Potsdam written on it. Now I know it came all the way from near Berlin. Good luck on your travels Ester and thank you for checking liking my ‘A Horse Box for Christmas’.


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