Hello bloggers….I want to show you the pictures I took when I was in Bacalar in Quintana Roo state in Mexico , I was there in Septembre 2015, actually I was expecting to find the typical touristic place and what I found it was very interesting, In Bacalar lagoon I could see the the different colours, that it because the depth of the sea, in some points you can find it very deep and the water is very dark and in the other part of the lagoon the water is not deep at all. Actually we rent  a boat and we could see the different contrast, the lagoon is known as the “Lagoon of the seven colours”, that are the shades you can find..



27 thoughts on “Bacalar-Mexico

  1. Thanks for visiting The Glasgow Gallivanter! I’ve enjoyed my return visit – you have some lovely photographs here and varied destinations. Some I’ve been to (Grand Canyon etc) but mostly not. My list expands all the time!


      1. More than difficult, it is tedious. I speak several languages and write in a few. I’ve done a good bit of translating, particularly at school, but it practically means re-writing the story. And once I’m done with a story, I find it difficult to go back to. Having said that, whenever I start translating my short stories to English, I will start with “Rancho encantado”. (Where and how did you learn Spanish?)


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