Big Ben and the London Eye

I love London, it is difficult in only one post to explain everything about this city, so today I have decided to show you my pictures of the Big Ben and the London Eye. Since the first time I went 20 years ago I knew I would be living there some day. This is a small part of the pictures I took.ย 

22 thoughts on “Big Ben and the London Eye

  1. London has a magnetic appeal and attracts loads of people. It’s so vibrant, so diverse, so much to do over there. For me it’s a bit too busy for my liking but I do love the sights and the different gardens scattered throughout the city


      1. And so little time ๐Ÿ˜ฒ in my latest blog post there’s a YouTube playlist of big Ben and few places where you can take pictures from. You might get some ideas from there โ˜บ


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